Bright Britney brags bout brontosauri bringing  brightness to our buffaloed broken brains"So you're saying that dragons really existed until not so long ago? And that 'dinosaur' is just a new 'scientific' label for them since about 1875?"
Classes of ball-chained, clustered
"But we've always learned Dreaded dragons didn't dare dream de dire directives of distant dialectic drummers drumming our dreary brains drough dum deories dey'd be dreadful dinosaurs in school that Dragons are only legendary monsters that never really existed, and that Dinosaurs became extinct, when... uh... that asteroid hit.. uh... 4 billion (or was it 5 billion?) years ago?"
"Yeah! And why should we doubt it dude! That's what our schoolbooks say, what our teachers teach us, what the newspapers, radio, TV & Hollywood tell us so why is it not true? Everyony else seems to believe it. Duh!"
Stupified students stand stuck studying standard stunted studybooks!Spears sneers & speaks surprise!"Yeah! How could you ever imply that the greater part of our revered scientific community would be wrong? Are you more educated than the distinguished members of our hallowed halls of higher learning? Who the hell are you? What's wrong with you, to question our established & cherished beliefs like that! Besides, what are your credentials anyway? Is there Prof. Dr. in front of your name?
Come off it, will you?"


"On Friday the 26th of September in the year of our Lord 1449, about the hour of Vespers [evening devotions], two terrible dragons were seen fighting for about the space of one hour, on two hills, of which one, in Suffolk, is called Kydyndon Hyl and the other in Essex Blacdon Hyl. One was black in colour and the other reddish and spotted. After a long conflict the reddish one obtained the victory over the black, which done, both returned into the hills above named whence they had come, that is to say, each to his own place to the admiration of many beholding them."

From a Mass Storage System in the Library of The Dean and Chapter at Canterbury
(Blacdon Hyl is now known as Ballingdon Hill, and Kydyndon Hyl is Killingdown Hill at Keddington. Below the latter is a meadow known as Sharpfight Meadow) more

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2. Loch Ness Monster
3. Live Dragon Photos & Pics & witness reports plus many "monster" links!

4. Dragon Accounts from Bible & other Historical documents.
5. "Mokele Mbembe" the "Sauropod" Dragon from Likouala swamp in Kongo.
5. Terrorized by a Dragon
6. The Chinese "Heaven Lake" Monster translated from original Chinese websites!

Famous Quote by evolutionist RICHARD DAWKINS, Oxford:
"If a single, well verified mammal skull were to turn up in 500 million year old rocks, our whole modern theory of evolution would be utterly destroyed."

WE SAY:If dinosaurs/ dragons are alive today or recently, it would be destroyed as well! AND THEY ARE & HAVE BEEN! And thus: Evolution is a fairy tale and the biggest hoax & deception ever pulled on man!

Mongolian Dragon remains.

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We've Been Fooled Folks!
that isn't easy to see without some going in denial.

For many it's hard to accept the facts that FOX-like people at the pinnacle of the elite oligarchie of our global commercial system have power to make us believe what they want us to believe turning us into dumb doggies listening to the 'Dreamworks' of 'his master's voice'. (a famous old record label)


It may injure people's pride for us to imply that most worldlings are quite naive & gullible to be so led by the nose. The media were bought up by international bankers over a hundred years ago! That does not feel good. It's much nicer to see ourselves as "well informed" maintaining that we "know exactly what's going on!" It's much easier to dismiss such plots as "crap" saying that "such things only happened in Roman times" when for example, Nero, made the Roman masses believe that Christians had set fire to Rome whereas he had done it himself. We reason that "those were ignorant days! People were much less civilised & educated and didn't have press freedom, democracy & human rights!"

Oh, is that so? Did such conspiracies by wicked megalomaniacs only happen in bygone days? Well, how about the murder of the Kennedies, the sellout & betrayal of Eastern Europe by Churchill & Roosevelt to Stalin's Communism at Yalta? How about Roosevelt letting the Japanese attack Pearl Harbour, as he darn well knew about it! (Not brought out in the Hollyweird propaganda film of the same name!) How about the attack by Israel on the USS Liberty? How about the latest evidence that 9-11 was an inside job by the US government! Treasonous murder of its own citizens, which global Main Stream Media (MSM) refuse to even mention!—Which shows how the media are totally controlled globally!

Well believe it or not, but those elements who own & control the world's media & Hollywooda very small but extremely wealthy group have their own agenda for our world! And one of the things these powerful minions do not want you to know is that dragons existed recently & some even still today, as this would expose their favorite mass control toolEvolutionary theoryas the hoax & bogus science it is! Such exposés are not merely surpressed by their media, but they simply ignore & refuse to publish them in order to exclude them from the public opinion they so carefully shape! Which begs the question; Are we really such independent thinkers?
Here's a small example of such an exposé?


An example of alternative news that only came out in a few remaining truly independent media not kowtow-ing to "political correctness" or anything that does not suit the agenda of the powers-that-be!
It's a little exposé about the dicovery of a "primate fish", the so-called "father of all land animals", which was supposed to only have lived 400 million years ago! A discovery that rattled the meager "foundations" of the theory of evolution! On the right is an interview about the find of Prof. Smith of Rhodes University.

But perhaps you prefer to believe the mainstream media, like this ABC about a "fossilized fish hand" they found, and how they imagined and designed the entire fish with it! Plain wishful thinking again) "Well," you say, "such instants are just small mistakes, nobody's perfect!" But Evolutionary theory is supported by many such faulty pillars, which are highly debatable or rather totally spurious, like the one treated in this site, that "Dinosaurs were early forms or speciations of Evolution" instead of Dragons being just another species that always lived together with man! THIS IS THE MAIN QUESTION TREATED IN THIS SITE:


Even today there are so many first hand witness reports from reliable people who have seen and even photographed monsters, giant serpents and sea- and land dragons—as you will see in the following pages that you wonder how we ever developed such itchy ears and how the mercantile mass media ever got us so conditioned to immediately doubt reports of dragons, like the Chinese traditions and Western historic accounts like St. George and the Dragon, the French Farmer from the 1500-s, or the Norwegian that defeated a dragon that attacked his village and mangled many of his fellow villagers? There are so many! I dare you to go on all these "monster" websites and you'll notice that in almost every case when some were discovered, that the local people believed it to be a dragon or a "dinosaur", but then the "experts" come down--IF they come down at all-- who explain them away as "giant sea lions", "driftwood" or their favorite yarn, a "basking shark", or when they really can't get around it, as "cryptozoology's band aid" a beaked whale!
They never take samples home or the corpses to the lab with them, but leave them to rot or to be reclaimed by the sea! Why people? Think!!! Would to God that they were as discriminating as when their "experts" discover 2 teeth or just a bone or skull fragment, when National Geographic, BBC and Hollywood cry from the rooftops; "missing link found in African desert!"
How do we get so deceived folks? I'll tell you why! It's for the same reason why we get so conditioned to disbelieve that a massive flood once covered the earth some 4.400 years ago, which, by the way, is the real reason for the decimation of most dragons & mammoths. And that scenario even has historical support in all kinds of ancient documents like the Bible, Quran, Gilgamesh Epic, and many other similar Flood & Ark scenarios in the historical legends of the Chinese, Incas and almost every darn ancient nation on the face of the earth!
Why are we being conditioned the other way? Because the Flood theory is not politically correct, nor tax-supported by the powers that be, as that theory supports a whole different & contrary world view to theirs! The majority of conscientious scientists prefer to keep their mouths shut to keep their jobs for convenience and filthy lucre's sake, although there is an alternative minority of a few brave ones that do speak out!
Anyhow, there is tons more evidence for a catastrophic sudden worldwide flood! For example: the Siberian burial places of hundreds of Mammoths in ice, still with grass in their mouths. Whereas there is miniscule evidence for some blooming "asteroid!" That hoax was thought up by people who chose for Secular Humanist convenience sake to reject what really happened. Don't you smell a rat? Do you still trust the hijacked Media and Modernist Science? Come on people! The Emperor really has no clothes on! Fight for internet freedom today, before "the Ministry of Truth" becomes monopoly and does us in! Yikes!

Most of us have been bombarded with the widely proposed theory that "all dinosaurs became extinct at the same time about 65 million years ago, when some asteroid hit the earth", and since then there are no living "dinosaurs" around anymore. Well, you'd be surprised!

Did you know that some of those old dragons are still alive today? -- To be more specific, those "monsters" that live in the element where man has not been able to fully dominate: In the waters of the world's lakes and oceans?

Click on NEXT to go to the following 5 pages to see for yourself pictures of phenomena you hardly ever hear about in the main media! And if you did, probably only in a skeptic or ridiculing fashion, like..."That legendary monster of Loch Ness? Har! Har!"

Yes! We really do believe Nessie exists & that it's actually a sea- or water-dragon, or if you prefer, some kind of so-called "plesiosaur." There are pictures and ample witness reports to prove it! If we had as many pictures or even fossils of all the missing links between all the different species, they would have turned the theory of Evilution into a law of nature! And YOU could have cashed in on that standing offer from this Creationist scientist of 250.000 Dollar for any proof of the Evolution Theory!

unexplained creatures?


The entire scientific Evolution versus Creation dialogue has been severely politicised recently since the Zionist Neo-cons hijacked the American Government. The Bushites cater to the ex- Silent Majority now re-baptised as "the Fundamentalists", because their Illuminist godfathers/handlers are engineering a World War 3 between the major religions Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, in order to demonise them in the eyes of the world.

For this they needed a politicised 'Christian' hinterland that supports the warmongering Neo-con Bushites, and so Bush claimed a "compassionate" conservatism that supports faith-based initiatives, a "future ban" on abortion, and now the teaching of Creationism in American schools.
This naturally is welcome ammunition for the leftists to demonise Christianity even further.

Originally the Evolution-Intelligent Design debate was purely scientific, even though both sides deny each others' scientificality. And in a way they are both right, as both are religions in the sense that neither the process of creation nor evolution was ever observed. Although "impossible" miraculous healings in answer to prayer could fall under "observed creation". But for Evolutionists this is just as debatable of course, yet on their side of the coin a beneficial mutation of DNA that wasn't already programmed in there, was never observed at all.

Heard the latest? You say it's impossible to change your mind to Intelligent Design? Listen to this: The world's foremost philosophical atheist, Antony Flew changed his mind and decided that God is real after all, because to him Science finally proves an Intelligent Designer!

We sincerely wish you a happy paradigm shift after all!

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